In this paper, we give a survey of our own software for differential geometry and its extensions [5, 1, 2, 3, 4]. Furthermore we deal with a few applications to represent classical results in differential geometry. Originally the software was aimed at supporting teaching by visualising the results from differential geometry. But it also has applications in research and the engineering sciences. The software is open, that is, its source files are available. Hence it can be extended. It uses OOP, and its programming language is PASCAL.

Here we apply our software to the visualisation of results from the theory of curves.

Figure 1. Surface of revolution of three klothoids

1991 Mathematics Subject Classification. 53A05, 68N05
Key words and phrases. Differential Geometry, Computer Graphics, Object oriented programming.

Thanks Research supported by the DAAD foundation (German Academic Exchange Service) grant number 911 103 102 8
and the research project #1646 of the Serbian Ministry of Science and Technology

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